Sight and Sound

In 2009, the ART590 Collaborative Processes class worked with John Gibson and the School of Music to produce a sight and sound installation. Continuing the trend, February 17, 2010 marked the evening of the most recent collaboration of art and music at the University of Louisville.

The 2010 Student Composer Computer Music Concert featured two sight and sound installations created by students in both the art and music departments, as well as one video work with music composed by an art student taking classes in the music department.

Collin Lloyd (art) and Leah Sproul (music) created the piece, Aurelia for glass, projected image and sound. Inspired by the Tesla coil and the jellyfish, a series of glass abstractions catch the light of the projections, creating the ephemeral imagery of electricity.

Alexia Serpentini (art) and James Young (music) worked together on East Of The City, Edge. Flanked by a large, loosely narrative photo exhibit, with a squadron of paper airplanes hovering overhead, as observers travel through the glass corridor, they trigger a soundscape of whispers and foreboding ambiance which lend details to the ambiguous story.

At the concert, the spacialized tape stylings of music students, Zach Thomas, Joey Crane, Jason Palamara, Liz Tyree-Sillers, Adriana Guzman, and James Young, physics student, Joseph Burchett, and art student, Lexi Bass set the futuristic mood of the evening. Joining the moving image with processed sound, Bass' piece Chakra Study I was the only collaboration between disciplines executed by one student.

The full video piece can be seen and heard online here.

The future of the ART590 sound and sight collaborations will continue with Floating Lab Collective and their "Dial-A-Screamer" project. This work will address mountain top removal in Eastern, KY as well as Humana health care issues state-wide.