Art Ark

During the semester each student interviewed individuals who immigrated to Louisville from countries all over the world. The students learned each person's story of leaving their homes and creating a new home in Louisville. The students created poetic furniture to honor the story and experience of those interviewed. As furniture is most often associated with home-life, the works speak of uprooting one's comfort zone with the quest of finding another. In an effort to share the collection with a broader audience, the class created an Art Ark. The Art Ark is a moving truck transformed into a mobile gallery space. On Thursday, April 26, 2010 the Art Ark moved from one neighborhood to another allowing the artists to share the voices of many people to the world.

The University of Louisville

We began our journey at the University of Louisville in front of The Thinker at Grawmeyer Hall.

The Louisville Zoo

Waterfront Park

Opening Reception

The Pieces

Lexi Bass and Mehrya:

Lucy Brown and Modupeola:

Jimmy Devore and Dino

Samantha Grose and Rosa:

Elizabeth Johnson and Henry:

Nick Linares/Rosslyn Steinmetz and Jime:

Crystal Ludwick and Avdo:

Mitchell Noah and Marcelle:

Amerisa Waters and Margaret: