Tom Hansell

On Friday, March 5th, Documentary filmmaker and installation artist Tom Hansell visited our class to share his experience of collaborating with us. He also discussed the projects that evolved from the making of the film.

Tom Hansell showed his documentary, Coal Bucket Outlaw and then led the class in a discussion of the film.

He also discussed the projects that evolved from the making of the film.

Transylvania University

On Wednesday, February 24th our class met with Transylvania University's Community Engagement Through the Arts class to share experiences.

Professor Kurt Gohde of Transylvania University and University of Louisville student Lindsay Smith chat and Transy student Casey Price checks out the mustache tea cups.

UofL Students Mitchell Noah and Samantha Grose explore the Cabinet of Curiosities, a collaborative installation between Transylvania Professors Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova.

The classes met to share experiences and ideas of current and future projects of the courses. UofL student Jimmy Devore talks about working on the EMPOWER project as (from left) UofL student Samantha Grose, Transy Professor Kremena Todorova, and Transy student Austyn Gaffney listen. Then Transy student Austyn Gaffney shares a story from Transylvania's class while Transy students Layson Griffin and Paul Brown listen.

Each class assigned the other homework, Transy assigned the UofL students to write This I Believe essays and the UofL Students assigned the Transy students to create Art for an Unexpected Spot.

Transy Amanda Velez reads her "This I Believe" essay and Mike Vanhoose holds up a quilt-top made by Amanda Velez.

UofL student Samantha Grose exchanges information with a new friend, Transy student Casey Price.


Lucy Brown shared her experiences from The Empower Project while participating on a student panel at the 2009 Kentucky Engagement Conference in Erlanger, Kentucky hosted by Northern Kentucky University.

February 5th, 2010, Lucy Brown and Amerisa Waters participated on a student panel at the University of Louisville's Celebration of Teaching and Learning Conference. They shared how participating in collaborative projects has helped to enrich their education.